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Terms and conditions for BAGGEN® Retail-SHOP

All prices in BAGGEN® Retail-Shop is shown without VAT.

No additional costs beyond shipping.

You will immediately receive a confirmation of what you have ordered.

Orders under 500:- (Swedish crowns) will not be dispatched.

Discounts (the amounts are in Swedish crowns and the examples are the sum excl. VAT):
0-3999:- = 0%
4000-5999:- =4%
6000-9999:- =8%

10.000:- - - =12%


Payment Options

Invoice - 30 days


For orders outside of Sweden, we will of course follow the rules regarding the VAT (although it is not always visible here directly in the Retail-shop).

Shipping within Europe costs about 250-400 Swedish crowns (about € 25-40).