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  • Baggen Softbelt

    Skijor, canicross, nordic walking, hunting or just a walk - BAGGEN® Softbelt makes anything possible.

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  • Expandable Leash Reflective/Anti-slip

    An elastic leash with a newly developed ribbon with many advantages. A combination of anti-slip and reflective for safety and feeling.

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  • Neewa Speed Harness

    Sled-dog harness in polypropylene with padding on the neck and rib cage areas.

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  • Impetusdog toys line

    IMPETUS means onrush, overwhelming power, the enthusiasm that carries you away.

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  • Neewa Dog Gear

    BAGGEN® also have the general agency of the Italian sled dog brand "NEEWA - Sports and Utility died gear" in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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  • Softbelt Race

    A wider belt focused on skijoring and cani-cross.

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  • Running Harness

    Ideal for dog trekking activities and canicross but also as harness for an easy walk everyday.

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  • Expandable Leashes

    Elastic leashes that absorbs the pressure from the dog.

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  • Neewa Collars

    Dog collars in various designs.

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  • Adjustable Racing Harness

    The Adjustable racing harness is a sleddog polypropylene harness padded in the most stressed areas: breast, neck and chest.

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Welcome to BAGGEN®

BAGGEN® is a Swedish family business that develops and manufactures innovative and functional products of the highest quality. The major products of our production is skijor & canicross belts and dog leashes.
The company was founded in 1985 and focused initially mainly on forestry and hunting products. 1991 we started to develop dog supplies, which today is the main occupation, although we also still have hunting products in our range. As of November 2017, the business has been transferred to a new company, Baggen Umeå AB, but you will not notice that as customers, it is the same product range and the same people who work in the company even if the company name is different.

We do also have the general agency of the Italian sled dog brand "NEEWA - Sport and utility dog gear" in Sweden, Norway and Finland. NEEWA has together with professional sled dog mushers developed quality products for both competition and everyday use. We see a great potential in these products and they do an excellent match to our requirements, both qualitatively and genuinely innovative.
BAGGEN® hope that this cooperation will further strengthen our position particular on the Scandinavian market.
Thank you for visiting our website!

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