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Baggen Expandable Leash 20mm - 1m - 10-pack

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An elastic leash from BAGGEN® that relieve pressures from the dog. This leash is 20 mm wide, and is suitable for small and medium sized dogs.

This length of the leash is ideal if you often walk along the streets with a dog that pull. The leash also works great if you want to let your dog run alongside during jogging.

This leash protects both your arms and shoulders as well as the dog's neck.

The expandable part is attached right up at the handle. Because of this, you can always reach the fixed part of the leash, incredibly important, for example, in meetings with other dogs.

Expands from about 100cm to about 125cm.

Width: 20 mm.

Available in colors:
Black, black-blue and black-red.

Art: 2010 - Expandable Leash 20mm - 1m - 10-pack (mixed colours)

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