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Leash Reflective/Anti-slip

289 kr
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20mm webbing
A ring in the loop
Twistlock carabiner
Available in three different lengths

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A soft and supple leash with an excellent combination of anti-slip and reflective for both safety and feel.

The bright reflector is recessed into the band for protection and long-lasting durability. The Baggen anti-slip leash has rounded edges and woven rubber threads, which gives a very good grip. A durable and very grippy dog leash.

Practical ring in the loop to easily connect with e.g. belt, or otherwise attaching the leash.

These leashes are available in three different lengths: 150cm, 190cm and 240cm.

Width: 20mm.

Colors: Black leash with either gray or neon yellow decorative stripe in the middle. Reflective threads on the outer edge and dark gray interwoven rubber threads.

Hook: Twistlock hook. The twistlock carabiner has bayonet locking that prevents random opening. The hook is also very light and flexible, despite its size, weighing only 25 grams. Despite its light weight the hook has a loading capacity of more than 400 kg.

Art: 41183 - Leash Reflective/Anti-slip 20mm - 1.5m gray / Twistlock
Art: 41153 - Leash Reflective/Anti-slip 20mm - 1.5m neon yellow / Twistlock
Art: 41283 - Leash Reflective/Anti-slip 20mm - 1.9m gray / Twistlock
Art: 41253 - Leash Reflective/Anti-slip 20mm - 1.9m neon yellow / Twistlock
Art: 41383 - Leash Reflective/Anti-slip 20mm - 2.4m gray / Twistlock
Art: 41353 - Leash Reflective/Anti-slip 20mm - 2.4m neon yellow / Twistlock