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BAGGEN® Softbelt Wildlife

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This is the "allround belt" of BAGGEN® skijor and canicross belts. Because of the band that runs around the belt, the Softbelt Wildlife has excellent mounting options for the back pack and other equipment. All BAGGEN® Softbelt has a built-in expandable strap into belt that takes care of any pressure, which spares both dog and handler.

Softbelt Wildlife is on the sides also equipped with attachment points for "leg loops", (Art.2250) in order to help keep the belt down on the hip. Note that these attachment points are not for tying up dogs.

BAGGEN® Softbelt Wildlife

Art: 2310 - BAGGEN® Softbelt Wildlife X1
Art: 2320 - BAGGEN® Softbelt Wildlife X2


Softbelt is a handler belt for all dog people and seasons! Regardless of how you plan to exercise with your dog, Baggen Softbelt the right option. Skiing, Nordic walking, jogging, hunting or just a walk - Baggen Softbelt makes anything possible.

Attach your leash in a Baggen Softbelt and you get your hands free. The expander which is built into the belt takes care of any pressure and protects your arms and shoulders. Available in two different hardnesses, X1 and X2.


The belts are adjustable from about 80 to 140cm. Note, however, that the belt should sit on the hip.

By using the "quick release" that comes with each Softbelt you can easily attach the leash as you want. Whether you use your regular walking leash, a flexi leash or a track line then just clamping it in "quick release" it stays there. The quick release also functions as a panic triggers the ski trail if you need to quickly released.


What is X1 & X2?
X1 and X2 are the names of the various expandable components attached in BAGGEN® Softbelt. These are easily exchangeable and can be purchased separately!

X1 - Soft damping
A softer damping for small and medium-sized dogs, up to about 18-20kg. Also recommended in some cases, for larger dogs if you yourself are small and do not have as much weight / strength to turn to.

X2 - Hard damping
Harder damping for multiple or larger dogs, from about 18-20kg. Provides better control and more close contact with dogs that pull a lot, but this will be easier if you have some strength / weight to put against.

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