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Replacement Expander X1/X2

229 kr
Hardness of the expander
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Bought to hard or soft expander to your belt, or is the old one become worn? Switch easily to a new one.

What is X1 & X2?
X1 and X2 are the names of the various expandable components attached in BAGGEN® Softbelt. These are easily exchangeable and can be purchased separately!

X1 - Soft damping
A softer damping for small and medium-sized dogs, up to about 18-20kg. Also recommended in some cases, for larger dogs if you yourself are small and do not have as much weight / strength to turn to.

X2 - Hard damping
Harder damping for multiple or larger dogs, from about 18-20kg. Provides better control and more close contact with dogs that pull a lot, but this will be easier if you have some strength / weight to put against.